Unisex Singh Kaur Steel Clip On Sikh Khanda Kara adjustable Size Kada Bracelet Q

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UNISEX Stunning Steel Laser Khanda Clip On SIKH Kara 

* Adjustable Size 
* Sikh Bracelet/Bangle SIKH KARA (Steel, Clip on Kara) - fits all hands with Kara Sizes from 6cm to 7.6cm.
* Width 4cm

* These KARAs are Clip On and can be adjusted to any arm/wrist Size by just pressing the Kara ends. Please refer to photos for more details - Popular design in market right now - very famous in youngsters and we are the only seller who has this exclusive design for sale in UK. Very Smooth and Light weight. Non allergic to Skin. Please choose variation size while buying or mention it to us in your note. Please read below more Information about Sikh Kara: A kara (Punjabi: ਕੜਾ (Gurmukhi), کڑا (Shahmukhi) कड़ा (Devanagari)), is a steel or iron (sarb loh) bracelet, worn by all initiated Sikhs. It is one of the five kakars or 5Ks — external articles of faith — that identify a Sikh as dedicated to their religious order. The kara was instituted by the tenth Sikh guru Gobind Singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanskar in 1699. Guru Gobind Singh Ji explained: He does not recognize anyone else except me, not even the bestowal of charities, performance of merciful acts, austerities and restraint on pilgrim-stations; the perfect light of the Lord illuminates his heart, then consider him as the immaculate Khalsa. The kara is to constantly remind the Sikh disciple to do God's work, a constant reminder of the Sikh's mission on this earth and that he or she must carry out righteous and true deeds and actions, keeping with the advice given by the Guru.