Stunning diamonte gold plated indian ompoppy hindu british india brooch pin

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Stunning Diamonte Gold Plated Hindu Poppy Brooch Cake Pin

The Forgotten Heroes

Hindus are commonly distinguished as weak so therefore poor soldiers, yet they had been involved in fighting wars for others more than themselves. Among the first foreign forces were Hindus to fight for British on the Western front. In the war, India had hugely supported the British in most areas, these including: Politically, economically and also in military. At a time when majority of Indians were suffering from poverty and malnourishment, they gifted 100 million pounds for them to participate and strengthen the British in war. The support was in exchange also for the British’s understanding in giving India independence, which the British were in no hurry to fulfil. In total, approximately 1,338, 620 Hindus participated in the war. This number easily totals the number of army force from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa by 178,000. Hindu soldiers were involved in lands as diverse as, Palestine, France, Syria and Mesopotamia. Some historians say that it was the Hindu army which changed the course of the war by turning German soldiers at Marne. Hundreds of Thousands of Hindu soldiers lost their lives and no hero’s welcome awaited the survivors.

In the first World War, the Indian corps won 13,000 medals and 12 Victoria crosses and this is something that deserves broad recognition around the globe.


It was Indian jawans (junior soldiers) who stopped the German advance at Ypres in the autumn of 1914, soon after the war broke out, while the British were still recruiting and training their own forces. Hundreds were killed in a gallant but futile engagement at Neuve Chappelle. More than 1,000 of them died at Gallipoli, thanks to Churchill's folly. Nearly 700,000 Indian sepoys (infantry privates) fought in Mesopotamia against the Ottoman Empire, Germany's ally, many of them Indian Muslims taking up arms against their co-religionists in defence of the British Empire.

The most painful experiences were those of soldiers fighting in the trenches of Europe. Letters sent by Indian soldiers in France and Belgium to their family members in their villages back home speak an evocative language of cultural dislocation and tragedy. "The shells are pouring like rain in the monsoon," declared one. "The corpses cover the country, like sheaves of harvested corn," wrote another.


These men were undoubtedly heroes - pitchforked into battle in unfamiliar lands, in harsh and cold climatic conditions they were neither used to nor prepared for, fighting an enemy of whom they had no knowledge, risking their lives every day for little more than pride. Yet they were destined to remain largely unknown once the war was over: neglected by the British, for whom they fought, and ignored by their own country, from which they came.

We made this Poppy OM Brooch to commemorate the sacrifice of all Hindu Soldiers who participated and sacrificed their lives in both World War I and II.

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Diamonte and Crystals Silver Plated Khanda Brooch Cake Pin for Jackets Shawls, Dupattas, Coats, Suits, Decorations, Wrappings, Sarees, Dcecoration of Wedding/Birthday/Anniversary Cakes and many other uses as described in the listing below. 

Brand new and in sealed Packs  Properties: Diamonte Crystals, 3 dimension  Color: Gold Plated Description: Stunning, glitter, elegant, beautiful. It is the perfect accessory for party, gift, weddings, proms, pageants, causal wear or other special occasions.  Dimension: Approx. 3.5 cm x 2.7 cm x 1 cm 

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Use of Brooches: 

Brooches, once a mainstay of every woman’s wardrobe, now come and go for many in the same manner as other jewelry trends. It is, however, easy to make a positive case for this sophisticated piece of jewelry. It is, after all, more versatile than any other jewelry item. Brooches can be used the standard way: as an accessory to fashion. But that is by no means their only use. They can also be used on clothing accessories as well as in the hair.  Purchase one or more brooches, if they are not readily on hand.  Use the brooch on clothing. Attach a brooch to the high neckline of a blouse, dress or jacket. Use one or more brooches (in a cluster) on the lapel of a suit jacket or place one or more on the shoulder of a jacket or dress. Pin several small brooches over the buttons of a blouse or dress to liven up the clothing or show off a collection. Try using smaller pins as a substitute for cuff links on a blouse by just pinning the brooch over the cuff's button.  Hook a brooch through a “magna pin.” This converts the brooch to a magnetic closure, thereby doing away with the need to stick the pin part of the brooch into fabrics that could otherwise be damaged by the process. This makes it simple to use the brooch on heavy fabrics like boiled wool, suede or leather.  Utilize the brooch to help securely attach an accessory to clothing such as a scarf, a shawl or a shrug.  Attach a brooch to a hat to feminize it or give it a touch of pizzazz.  Pin one or more brooches onto a handbag or clutch to convert a daytime look to evening chic. Use a magna pin for heavier fabrics, suedes and leathers.  Convert a brooch to a pendant by attaching it directly to a thick necklace chain, omega or collar. Hook a pin over a string of beads or double them up, pulling them together around the neck. Close with a brooch to create a unique choker.  Use a pin converter to turn a brooch into a standard necklace pendant.  Turn a brooch into a piece of hair jewelry. Attach a pin to a headband. Using wire or thread, attach a brooch to a hair comb or barrette. Run the pin of a brooch through the elastic of a ponytail holder for a top knot accent piece. Attach a brooch directly to the hair (or a wig).  Good use on Indian Sarees, suits, dresses and dupattas etc.  Used to tie and decorate wedding/parties chair clothes on the back of chairs.  Excellent to decorate Christmas presents and gifts. 

It can either be used on the top of invitation cards/letters for wedding parties, birthday perties, evening parties or casual invitations. This will certainily give a posh look to your invitations.  It can be used for the decoration of Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary Cakes. 

If you know any other use of brooches please let us know and we will share these ideas with our previliged customers. Thank you in advance. 

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