Sikh Daily Prayer Gurbani Japji Rehras Sahib Ji Gutka Roman English Wood Khanda

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Sikh Daily Prayer Gurbani Japji Rehras Sahib Ji Gutka Roman English Wood Khanda. Condition is New.

This Gutka Sahib is a good help for them who can't read Gurmukhi as it reads the same Gurmukhi Script pronunciation in Roman English. Please see photos for more information

Beautiful carved Wooden khanda binding on front. Please note Khanda on cover photo may slightly vary as Publishers change covers all the time for every new edition. However, contents of the book will always remain same.

Pocket size - approx 7.5cm.x 10.2cm. Easy/ Very handy to carry in bag during travel.

Limited quantity available.

Beautiful Wooden Carved Khanda Cover Hard Book Binding. Please see photos.

Premium quality paper. Excellent gift/memorabilia for someone for life.

Nit-Nem (literally "Daily Discipline") is a collection of selected Sikh hymns that are designated to be read by the Sikhs every day at pre-fixed times. It normally includes the Gurbani which is read daily by Sikhs in the morning, evening and at night.

In Morning

a. Japji Sahib

In Evening

b. Rehras Sahib

c. Ardaas

Night [Before going to bed]

e. Keertan Sohila

Japji Sahib bani in the morning. Rehras Sahib in the evening. Kirtan Sohila at night bed time. Now available @OnlineSikhStore.

Please ask for more details.

Country/Region of Manufacture: India

Item: Bibles/ Books

Religion/ Spirituality: Sikh/Sikhisim

Type: Sikh Daily Prayer - Roman English