Sikh Gurbani Radio Player Japji Nitnem Banis Akhand Path Sukhmani 2551 Track BLU

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1. Sri Japji Sahib Ji 2. Sri Jaap Sahib Ji 3.Tway Parsad Swayiay Patshashi Tenth 4. Chaupai Sahib 5. Anand Sahib Ji 6. Rehras Sahib 7. Kirtan Sohila 8. Ardas 9. Sukhmani Sahib 10. Sampooran Akhand Path (72 hrs) 11. Dasam Granth Bani 12. Full Nitnem Path in one Track 13. Nitnem from Golden TempleSehaj Path Ang wise, Gurbani Ucharan, ShabadsTotal 2551 tracks of Kirtan, Katha, Dadhi Vara/Guru Parsang and Gurbani (i.e. over 1000 hrs of Kirtan).  We guarantee listening it to everyday will take you to a rememberable spiritual Journey.Rechargeable Lithium Ion long lasting battery, play for 10+ hours on one charge, 7 days on Standby.Any universal USB phone plug or laptop USB port is suitable to charge this radio. NO charger comes with this radio.It has an emergency LED Light as well.Can also play local FM Radio channels by typing the channel number.USB Stick option available. Available in Blue, Red and Black colours. Colour of Radio may vary (subject to availability). If you require other colours please write in message. Only limited stock available. Please message us for more information. Please always keep the radio charged playing Gurbani on low battery may corrupt the memory card. Stay Blessed!#Sikhartefacts #Onlinesikhstore