Stunning Stainless Steel very Thin Sikh Kara Bracelet Bangle Punjabi Kada E3

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Stunning Stainless Steel very Thin Sikh Kara Bracelet Bangle Punjabi Kada E3

Stunning Stainless Steel Silver Tone very Thin Sikh Khalsa Kara Bracelet Bangle Kada
  • Life Time Guarantee of Shine
  • Never Rusting
  • Non Allergic
  • Smooth to Skin
  • Very Light to Wear
  • In Fashion - Good Looking on arms/wrist

Thickness of this Kara is 4.4mm and width is 4mm as shown in the photos. BRAND NEW . 

These Kara designs are launched recently and are very popular in market right now - very famous in youngsters and we are the only seller who has this exclusive design - for sale in UK

Please choose variation size while buying or mention it to us in your note:

Kara Size shown in Variations is the inner diameter of Kara/Bangle in cm.
A kara ਕੜਾ کڑا कड़ा KADA, is a steel or iron (sarb loh) Bracelet, worn by all initiated Sikhs. It is one of the five kakars or 5Ks — external articles of faith — that identify a Sikh as dedicated to their religious order. The kara was instituted by the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanskarn in 1699. Guru Gobind Singh Ji explained:

He does not recognize anyone else except me, not even the bestowal of charities, performance of merciful acts, austerities and restraint on pilgrim-stations; the perfect light of the Lord illuminates his heart, then consider him as the immaculate Khalsa.

The kara is to constantly remind the Sikh disciple to do God's work, a constant reminder of the Sikh's mission on this earth and that he or she must carry out righteous and true deeds and actions, keeping with the advice given by the Guru. The Kara is a symbol of unbreakable attachment and commitment to God. It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of God. It is also a symbol of the Sikh brotherhood. As the Sikhs' holy text, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji says, "In the tenth month, you were made into a human being, O my merchant friend, and you were given your allotted time to perform good deeds." Similarly, Bhagat Kabir reminds the Sikh to always keep one's consciousness with God: "With your hands and feet, do all your work, but let your consciousness remain with the Immaculate Lord."

The basic kara is a simple unadorned steel bracelet, but other forms exist. It was historically used like a Knuckle-duster for hand-to-hand combat. Battlefield variations include kara with spikes or sharp edges. Sikh soldiers of the British Indian army would settle disputes by competing in a form of boxing known as loh-musti (lit. iron fist) with a kara on one hand.

P.S. Colour of item may slightly vary due to camera flash and light conditions. Some karas may have negligible small black grinding mark on the kara joint. This is always seen on all karas as most of the Kara making/shaping work is done by hands. However, this do not affect the quality/look of kara.

Gender: Unisex
Main Colour: Silver
Main Material/ Metal: Stainless Steel
Type: Bracelets
Main Stone: None
Country/Region of Manufacture: India