Stunning Leather Sheath Ceremonial Sikh Kaur Singh Siri Sahib Taksali Design OO7

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Stunning Brown Leather Sheath and Sarbloh Blade hand made Ceremonial SIKH Kaur Singh Siri Sahib Taksali design - Brilliant Gift for loved ones

Handle is made of camel bone. Whole design is handmade and unique, customised by Onlinesikhstore.

Design OO7

Sarbloh (pure iron) blade length is 9 cm and is blunt.

Total length of siri sahib with dagger is approx 18cm x 4cm. 

Please note there may be some rust or rust marks on Kirpan as it is pure sarbloh and rust is the Characteristic of sarbloh.

Khanda emblem on the handle of siri sahib on one side only. Please see attached photos for more information. Limited stock is left.

Sarbloh Blade - Handmade design

Gender: Unisex

Country/Region of Manufacture: India

Main Material/ Metal: Wood and Sarbloh

Type: Sikh Siri Sahib

Main Colour: Brown

Main Stone: No Stone