Stainless steel sikh Kirpan Siri Sahib taksali Singh Gold Red Khanda engraved NN

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Sikh ceremonial Siri Sahib Stunning Stainless Steel Singh Kaur Kakaar - one of 5Ks - Taksali Singh Religious GIFT Gold Red Colour

Design Ref: NN-Gold/Red

Colour: Gold and Red

Stainless steel blade length is approx. 7 cm and is blunt. Beautiful matching chain near the handle as shown in photos. (design of chain may vary - subject to availability)

Good idea for sikh girls to wear Siri sahib watching with their suit/costumes.

Total length of Siri sahib with dagger is approx. 12 cm x 2.5cm. With scabbard/sheath is approx. 14cm x 3cm

Stainless steel Sikh stunning Siri Sahib Kirpan

There is Khanda emblem engraved on it on both sides of scabbard. Please see attached photos for more information. Limited stock is left.

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