Sikh stainless steel (silver look) baaz salai needle for patka dumala pug turban

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Sikh Stainless Steel (Silver Look) baaz Salai Needle for Patka Dumala Pug Turban. It will never rust and guaranteed for shine and against rust for life.PLEASE NOTE FLAT BAAJ ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN BRAAS AND COPPER NOW.These usually come in Iron with chrome plating and we are the first sellers who have customised these in stainless steel on the demand of our customers. Limited quantity available.Sikhs use a specially designed Turban Needle (Punjabi: Salai, ਸਲਾਈ OR Baaj, ਬਾਜ It's to tuck the hair inside from Turban or Patka and also to maintain turban cleanliness.

SIKH BAAZ or SALAI or NEEDLE - with flat end as shown in photos - useful for cleaning the layers (Paich) of Pug/Turban or Dumala.Stainless - 7 inch in length with Flat end. These Flat end baaz in brass are very hard to find.Brilliant finish and very decorative.

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