Sukhmani Sahib Transliteration Roman English Sikh Prayer Bani Gutka Steel Plate

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Sikh Prayer Gurbani Sukhmani Sahib Ji Gutka Steel Plate in Roman English.
This Gutka Sahib is very handy for those who can't read Gurmukhi Punjabi as it has same pronunciation of Gurmukhi Script in Roman English. There are also keys provided on the front page showing how to read Roman English words.
Please see photos for more information
Beautiful steel plate binding on front.
Pocket size - approx 7.5cm.x 10.5cm. Easy/ Very handy to carry in bag during travel.

Limited quantity available. Beautiful Stunning Steel Plate Cover Hard Book Binding. Please see photos. Premium quality paper. Excellent gift/memorabilia for someone for life.

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Country/Region of Manufacture: India Item: Bibles/ Books Religion/ Spirituality: Sikh/Sikhisim Type: Sukhmani Sahib Ji in Roman English