Sikh singh khalsa adjustable gatra belt for siri sahib kirpan camouflage - army

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Sikh Singh Khalsa Adjustable Gatra Belt for Siri Sahib Kirpan Camouflage - Army Colour

High quality 1 inch Camouflauge/Army adjustable size Gatra. 

This Gatra incorporates an adjuster which allows you to easily and quickly adjust the length of Gatra. Design may slightly vary - subject to availability.

These gatra will give you an awesome look. Adjustable Gatras are trendy and new arrivals.Siri Sahib is not included in the sale. 

Listing is for sale of Gatra Belt only. Item as shown in picture. Clips may vary chrome plated or matching durable plastic ones.

With Gatras, where ever you buy them from, they have what are called ‘kachi’ stitching which could be translated to ‘draft’ stitching. Due to the huge variety of sizes and styles of Sri Sahibs, there is no set size the Gatra can be made to. Therefore the stitching on Gatras are done to a rough size estimate as a temporary measure. This allows you to easily adjust and sew the Gatra to your custom size requirement. You will need to be done prior to wearing.

P.S. Colour of item may slightly vary due to camera flash and light conditions. 

Sizes written in variations are approximate and may slightly differ to the specified size as items are cut of wood and filed by hand. Gender: Unisex

Country/Region of Manufacture: India

Main Material/ Metal: Cotton/Polyester

Design No.: OS503

Type: Sikh Siri Sahib Adjustable Belt - Gatra

Main Colour: Camouflauge-Army

Main Stone: No Stone

Ethnic & Regional Style: Asian