Sikh punjabi singh kaur black khalsa khandas bandana head wrap gear rumal hanky

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Sikh Punjabi Black Khandas bandana Head Wrap Gear #Rumal Handkerchief #Hankie

Size approx 50cm x 55cm.

LONG LASTING Printed Big Khanda - smooth skin friendly 100% Export Quality cotton material used Khanda are printed only one side of this Rumal and other side is plain. Design/colour may slightly vary - Subject to Availability. Unisex - Suitable for wearing at Indian Hindu or Sikh Weddings.

One size fits all - from new born babies to adults as these are tied with a Knot an these can go on any head.

Appropriate to wear (cover head) at Gurughar Sahib/sikh temple. 

One Rumaal per sale unless you add quantity whilst clicking buy now or checking out. Only limited quantity available.

Photos are for information and guidance only. We are SikhArtefacts and sell all Sikh essentials (Wooden Kangha, Sarbloh Kara, Siri Sahibs, Gatra, Kirpan, Salai/Baaz, Kachehra, Sikh Beard/Moustache/Hair Brush, Kamarkassa, Sikh Gurus Photos, Khandas, Khanda Pins and Brooches, Ek Onkar Brooches, Khanda Pendants/Car Rear Mirror Hangers, Gurbani/Nitnem Gutka (Available in English, Gurmukhi, Transliteration/Translation into English and in Hindi). We ship items from our UK shop in Rochester, Kent, UK. Brilliant finish, Ideal gift item for loved ones on all occasions.

Postage discount for multi-buys.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

P.S. Colour of item may slightly vary due to camera flash and light conditions. There may be slight misprints in Khandas, it is not defect because Khandas printing is done manually and misprints are inevitable but it won't affect the wearing or Quality of Rumals. Gentle Handwash only