Sikh pocket gutka nitnem sahib containing all daily routine sikh banis punjabi m

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Sikh Pocket Gutka Nitnem Sahib containing all daily routine Sikh Banis in Gurmukhi Punjabi with hardback binding. 
Book Ref: Mi Gurmukhi Alphabet as shown in photos.This Gutka sahib is compiled by DamDami Taksal, Jatha Bhindera, MehtaBeautiful Blue Hardback binding. Size approx. 13cm x 10cm x 2cm Language: Punjabi/GurmukhiThis Gutka Sahib contains: Morning Banis: * Japji Sahib * Jaap Sahib * Swaiaye  * Chaupai Sahib * Anand Sahib

Other Banis: * Shabad Hazaray * Tway Parsad Chaupai * Shabad Hazaray Patshahi 10th * Swayiay Dinan * Baramaha Manjh Evening Banis: * Rehras Sahib * Tu Thakur * Ardaas Night Banis: * Aarti * Rakhya de Shabad * Kirtan Sohila

#Rehras #Sukhmani #SundarGutka #Nitnem #SukhmaniSahib #Japji #Jaap #Swaiay #KirtanSohila #Ardas #Sikh #GutkaSahib #GurbaniExcellent gift item for loved ones on this Christmas and New Year. Ideal gift for any occasion. For description please see photos showing preface as publisher has written all contents of this Gutka Sahib there.Limited quantity available.Beautiful Hardback Book Binding. Please see photos.Premium quality paper. Excellent gift/memorabilia for someone for life.Now available @OnlineSikhStore.Please ask for more details.Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you for your time for looking at our listings.Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook #OnlineSikhStore @OnlineSikhStore