Sikh bhagat fareed ji salok steek gutka bani meanings sodi teja singh book b27

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Sikh Bhagat Fareed Ji Salok STEEK Gutka with Bani meanings Sodi Teja Singh - in Punjabi Gurmukhi with meaning
Book Ref: B26/B27

Size 18.5cm x 12.5cm x 2cm, weight is approx 136g.

Pages: 72

This Gutka sahib is translation of each Gurbani line into simple Punjabi (Gurmukhi) and makes it easier to grasp the actual meanings of Gurbani.

Excellent gift item for loved ones on this Christmas and New Year. Ideal gift for any occasion.

For description please see photos showing preface as publisher has written all contents of this Gutka Sahib in Preface. 

Limited quantity available.

Beautiful Hardback Book Binding. Please see photos.

Excellent gift/memorabilia for someone for life.

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