Sarbloh Kara Meditation Praying Beads Sikh Singh Kaur Khalsa Simran Bangle EE7

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Sarbloh Meditation Praying Beads (Solid Beads) Hindu Budh Sikh Singh Kaur Simrana Kara.

Kara Ref: EE7

Size of each bead is approx 8mm, separator Bead/Big Bead is approx 1.1cm

28 Beads Simrana Sarbloh Sikh Kara - Meditation Beads

Number of beads will vary(either 27 + 1 beads) in each bracelet. If you are after particular number of beads please let us know in order notes (Subject to availability)

Every one should own one of these.

"This Masterpiece, a Pleasure to own, a delight to receive"

Will be a beautiful gift on Christmas or on some other occasions.

Made with Pure Sarbloh - Loha (Iron) - this is a premium quality product - excellent beads for removing negativity and negative energy of any kind and  transforming them to positive energy. It is also a very protective and grounding stone.  

Sarbloh Beads helps with creativity, prioritising needs and wants, and wisdom. In addition, Sarbloh beads are beads that brings abundance, prosperity, good luck and good for meditation.

Why use the Meditation Beads?

Meditation can be quite a tricky practice because the mind is like a naughty child. 

By its very nature, the mind tends to wander off during the meditation practice. If ones energy is low at the time of meditation, falling asleep can result. If the energy is too high, fantasy and distraction become the barriers. 

At such times, the mala provides the much needed anchor.  

The mala beads are moved in rhythm with the breath and the mantra, 

so that both-sleep as well as excessive mental distraction-are prevented by this action upon the beads.

For wearing: A personal mala is a wonderful accessory to meditation, which when used regularly with a personal mantra, absorbs the vibrations of the practice. 

It becomes like a close friend or a comfortable piece of clothing!

How to Use? 

The mala is traditionally held in the right hand and used in two ways - in one method; the mala is hanging between the thumb and the ring (third) finger. 

The thumb is used to rotate the mala by one bead towards oneself with each repetition of the mantra.

 In the other method, the mala is hanging on any finger. 

Hand Held Meditation Beads SIMRANA KARA/Bracelet 

 Ideal Meditation Mala for Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Yogis & many more. 

  28 Sarbloh Beads Stunning Kara, also used as:

·    Mala

·    Praying Beads

· Meditation Beads

  Please note Rust is characteristic of pure iron/Sarbloh and you will notice these on beads. On wearing these beads acquire blackish taint and won't rust. These only rust when these are taken off for few weeks due to oxidation process. These can be easily cleaned with sharp sand or soap.

 Singhs use coconut oil to keep these rust free.


Brilliant finish and very decorative. Ideal gift item for loved ones on any Occasion.

We provide funky looking Gift Bag with our all Kara.

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P.S. Colour of item may slightly vary due to camera flash and light conditions. Size is approximate it and may differ by few mm from Kara to Kara or because of Digital Vernier Calliper errors.