Sarbloh iron teeth design sikh singh kaur khalsa taksali kara bangle kada g11

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Stunning Sarbloh Iron Teeth Design Sikh Singh Kaur Khalsa Taksali Kara Bangle KadaDesign: G11
Weight of Kara is approximate 60-98g (variable due to size of kara). Width is approx 1.3cm and Thickness is approx. 6.5mm These Kara are from the Holy and Pious Land of Shiri Amritsar Ji (The City of Golden Temple/Darbar Sahib Ji/Harimandir Sahib) CHUNKY HEAVY Smooth SARBLOH TAKSALI Chakri KARA (variations are prepared by measuring the internal diameter of Kara).We polish all our Kara with Brasso Polish and Cotton cloth before dispatch. It gives them good shine that will be long lasting. We ensure that our kara are rust free but with Sarbloh you can't Guarantee that as Rust is the Characteristic of Pure Iron/Sarbloh kara. There may be little bit rust present which is seen commonly in all SARBLOH KARAS due to purity of the metal/Pure iron + Cuts/marks are common on these warrior style Kara. These Kara have no joint, made with Traditional methods mostly by hand in Amritsar. Sarbloh Kara are warrior style Kara.

P.S. Colour of item may slightly vary due to camera flash and light conditions. Some Kara may have negligible small black grinding mark on the kara joint. This is always seen on all kara as most of the Kara making/shaping work is done by hands. However, this do not affect the quality/look of Kara. Please note that there may be small dings, cuts or scruff marks present on these kara as all Kara made in Amritsar are transported in Jumble in Jute bags and these small things may happen.