Sadhguru copper smooth snake adjustable ring evil eye protection hindu lucky K

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Sadhguru Pure Copper Smooth Plain Snake adjustable Ring Evil Eye Protection Hindu Good Luck RingDesign Ref: K

100% Pure copper - Snake Design - Handmade Mantras performed/Sidhi done by a Priest in Amritsar on these rings. 

* Healing Rings

* Pure copper meditation rings

* Medicinal/Health Benefits of wearing copper

* Positive energy

* Encouragement and Motivational ring

* Evil Eye Protection

* Good LuckPlease note Snake's mouth is not pointed and made blunt by cutting otherwise it will hurt the finger.

It is not a defect, please see photos. Ring sizes are adjustable, however please choose the closest match to your size from the Variation list then its easy to adjust size with few millimetres.

Please select the ring size from Variations. Only one ring per sale unless you add more quantity. Photos are for information purpose and to show details of the items.

There may be a slight measuring error of 1mm as we measure rings with digital vernier callipers. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay blessed!