Punjabi sikh singh kaur khalsa small gatka chakkar with plastic colourful balls

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Punjabi Sikh Singh Kaur Khalsa Small Gatka Chakkar with Plastic colourful Balls - Colour of wooden Chakar/handle will vary blue or orange/yellow

Design: HH1 

Dimension (Length x Width x Height): approx. 14 Inches X 14 Inches X 7 Inches

Diameter: approx. 22 Inches

Weight: approx.  845.0 g

Made of: Plastic & Wood

Colour: Multi colour (Balls are coming Solid and in Blue Colour these days)


* Easy to handle

* Unique Artistic Design

* Durable

* Plastic Balls

* Nylon Dorri Jaal

* Wooden circle Handle

* Best Quality

* Flawless Finish

* Precisely Designed

* Premium Quality

Please note photos are information/guidance purpose only. Item/colour of item may slightly vary (subject to availability) to the listing as these items are made by hand and every item is a unique item. Only one item shipped per sale unless buyer adds extra quantity from the drop down list. Information and Use of this item: The Gatka Sport Chakar or the "Small wheel" looks like a wagon wheel with weights at the end of each spoke. During its operations the ends of the spokes carry round balls. It is a circular disk with a handle in the half of the circle. The outer Edges of disk has chains like web with iron or plastic balls at the end of each chain . It looks beautiful when rotated in a proper way. The chakar is wielded by grasping the centre and spinning it around, protect upon anyone coming too close to the spinning weights of iron balls attached to it. The wheel when in full motion presents a beautiful look and not easy to approach the operator. It acts as shield. The operator is also able to throw this to guard himself when Gatka chakar event is performed. Gatka is a complete martial system which uses spiritual, mental and physical skills in equal portions to help one fully competent in defending themselves and others. Gatka is a unique and inexpensive art developed to defend and display gatka skills and to better exercise self control. The practice of Gatka was embedded in the social, religious and daily routine of every Sikh over a huge area covering largely the Northern states of India.

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