Punjabi Khunda Folk Cultural Bhangra Gidha Stick Traditional khoonda Hand Made

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Punjabi Folk Cultural Bhangra Gidha black Stick Traditional Khoonda Hand Made. #khoonda #punjabifolk #folk #bhangra #gidha #giddha #punjabifolkdance #dhol Design may slightly vary.

Each khoonda is hand made and is unique and different workers participate to assemble the items.

There may be tiny greenish colour on nails which is easily removable with wet wipe.

Golden/brass decoration done by hand. Please note this khoonda split apart into two pieces. Only one khoonda is included in sale unless you buy more by selecting quantity. There may be a dent on thread from where it joins the other piece but it doesn't affect the quality of Khoonda. Standard size Punjabi khoonda.

Please see photos for more information. Design/colour of Khoonda may vary subject to availability as these are made by hand and each piece is unique, Therefor, decoration may differ. Photos are for information purposes only. These split Khoonda are very hard to find in the market and it took us two years to source these. We are selling these at the same price these are sold in India. We are selling these on request of our buyers just to promote our Punjabi culture.

THESE ARE PUNJABI FOLK DANCE BHANGRA/GIDDHA Khoonda - ideal for Jago, Nanka Mail, Punjabi weddings and party/event dances.


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