Hindi pachang divakar jyotshi jantari sikh 2023 calendar hindu festivals b70

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Hindi Pachang Divakar Jyotshi Jantari SIKH 2023 CALENDAR Hindu Festivals B70
Ref: B70

Language - Hindi (Devnagri Lipi) - India's National/Official Language

Total Pages: 304, its a complete Jantari/Date Book/Patrika that contains all essentials of Year 2023.


* Auspicious Dates for Marriages/Wedding in New Year 2023 * Rashifals/Horoscope readings * Dates * To know financial loss/gains * Future Forecast with planetary readings

All festivals - Vrats , Sangrad, Ekadashi, Poornima/Punya, Masya/Amavasya, Dasami etc Desi Indian Months and new month beginning Shabads (Sangrad Waak/Words of Guru)  This is a must have Sikh calendar. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.