Shani Protection Saturn Plain Iron Ring Horse shoe ring Pure Handmade Astrology

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Shani Protection Saturn Plain Iron Ring Horse shoe ring Pure Handmade Hindu Astrology

  • Black Horse Shoe Ring - Pure iron for Shani Dosh Protection. Shani ring is worn to protect the individual from all type of magical effects, tantrik effects, tantra attack, from all type of ill effects of SHANI DEV (Saturn). A ring of black horse shoe is said to be the best for bringing success in various jobs. During desperation and illness, if one puts ring made of horse shoe in his or her middle finger of right hand, he or she gets rid of those problems. It makes life cool, calm and free of treachery and black magic.

Shani Mantras performed by Priest in Amritsar on these rings. These are handmade in the holy city of Amritsar Punjab and have powerful Shani Protection

Iron Rings are very powerful and traditionally worn to neutralize the bad influences of the planet Saturn (Shani). They can be worn by anyone at any time. They are most commonly worn during Saturn dasa periods or Shani Sadhe Sati or during a current planetary transit of Saturn. These rings are most effective when worn on the right middle finger for men and left middle finger for women. Iron rings are made from the shoes of black horses or from iron nails from wooden boats. They are traditionally worn on Saturday. 

We have also rings available made from the nail of boat for Shani Dosh. Please message for more information.